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Court Security Specialist



Applicants Must:

• Be 21 years of age or older

• Be a U.S. Citizen

• Possess a high school diploma or equivalent

• Possess a valid driver’s license

• Successfully pass a written test

• Successfully complete physical agility test

• Successfully pass an oral review board

• Successfully pass a polygraph examination

• Successfully pass a comprehensive background investigation

• Successfully complete a physical exam

• Interview with the Sheriff

• Successfully pass a psychological test (if required)

*Excellent benefits package and a take-home car if the applicant meets the requirements.



• Under direction - provides law enforcement services and protection for our community,

Goochland County

• On an assigned shift - operates a patrol vehicle to enforce violations of traffic laws,

suspicious activities, and disturbances of law

• Takes appropriate action upon observation of these activities

• Provides courtroom security

• Performs civil process services

• Must be able to wear a mask

• Does related work as required; works under regular supervision


DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES (not all-inclusive; must be prepared to complete other duties as assigned)

• Patrols an assigned area to enforce traffic and criminal law and suspicious activity

• Responds to radio calls for service

• Handles domestic disturbances and a variety of citizen complaints

• Conducts criminal investigations

• Prepares detailed reports

• Testifies in court

• Assists disabled motorists, investigates vehicle crashes, and directs traffic as necessary

• Assists other agencies as necessary

• Ensures the security and order of courtrooms prior to and during court sessions;

removes unruly individuals from the courtroom

• Searches courtroom for contraband and inmates for unauthorized possession prior to

court appearance

• Transports and supervises prisoners to and from court, secures in holding cells

• Transports prisoners to other jails and institutions

• Carries out all orders of the court

• Serves summonses, notices, warrants, and capiases

• Flexibility in work schedule in order to be 'on-call' at times outside of regular shift

• Makes arrests, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints

• Subdues resisting suspects using appropriate weapons, maneuvers, and other approved

self-defense methods.



• Working knowledge of modern police methods, practices, and procedures

• Knowledgeable of applicable federal, state, and county laws and ordinances

• Knowledgeable of the County’s geography and the location of important buildings and


• Knowledgeable of the Sheriff’s Office’s Standard Operating Procedures, Rules and

Regulations, and Executive orders

• Skilled in handling a variety of stressful and dangerous situations, guiding involved

parties toward positive resolutions

• Skilled in interviewing techniques

• Skilled in the preparation of detailed reports

• Ability to interpret and follow oral and written instructions

• Ability to deal courteously but firmly with the public

• Ability to rapidly analyze situations and make sound decisions with due regard to

surrounding hazards and circumstances, while adopting quick, effective, and reasonable

courses of action.

• Ability to maintain physical agility and endurance

• General knowledge of court procedures

• Ability to exercise tact and judgment in handling visitors of the court and in maintaining

the behavior of prisoners

• Ability to develop skill in the use of firearms

• Knowledge of the geography of the county


Any combination of education, training, and experience equivalent to graduation from high


If the applicant is not currently certified in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the applicant will be required

to complete the Law Enforcement Basic Academy followed by successfully completing a field

training program.

If the applicant is currently certified in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the applicant will be required to

successfully complete a field training program

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